Build Investments without the Risks

Although many companies offer stock options and there are many financial services that offer portfolio advice, how secure are your investments? The stock market fluctuates frequently and you can quickly lose the profit and the initial investment. I know because recently my husband lost over $100,000 in his stock market investments. Our dream of starting our own business was now non-existent with no capital left. After a few mournful days and weeks, I discovered a different investment that doesn’t have the risks and pitfalls of stocks. It is a popular method of investing in real estate and becoming an entrepreneurial without the fear of failure.

Using our mortgage, we could pay just the minimum monthly payment and use the extra money we had been paying on it to invest in other real estate properties. Although it would take longer to pay off our mortgage, by the time we did we would have other investments and assets besides our home. Since our home is not increasing above the initial value of $300,000, it makes sense to pay only the minimum monthly payment so we will have a home worth $300,000 in a few years plus $150,000 additional in investments.

Although my husband was skeptical at first, we went to some seminars and training to learn more. It was the perfect Utah business opportunity we were looking for. We were able to gain the financial freedom and flexibility that we desired.

I would suggest researching and becoming informed of all the options before investing. But real estate investments may be the Utah business opportunity that fits your needs and lifestyle. Try to look up websites and attend training seminars to see what they can offer you. Many companies have several options to let you be your own boss without giving up your current job and needed income.