Here is a list of five of some of the best real estate apps for the iPhone, along with a review of the app and what it gives to the house hunters that use them. Enjoy and I hope that these apps help make someone a new, happy home owner.



Zillow utilizes your iPhone’s GPS system, giving the iPhone user the ability to view overhead shots of available homes in the area as well as an estimate of prices of almost every house in the area. Is a great way to find houses that are for sale or for rent around the area a user is looking to move to along with allowing them to find a price range that matches their budget. With plenty of search options, the app allows iPhone users the ability to have full customization of what they’re looking for in a new abode. This iPhone app is free.


With the ability to search over 4 million listings, view prices and details on different properties and gives information on open houses in the area,’s iPhone app gives iPhone users plenty of options when looking for a new house. It also allows users to synchronize the app with their personal accounts, which gives them the ability to find previously saved listings. With plenty of in-depth information on listings, this iPhone app does the trick. This iPhone app is free.


Around Me


This is a must for any home buyer that doesn’t plan on spending their entire life locked up in their house. Around Me gives iPhone users the ability to search their surroundings, such as when checking out a listing, for a complete list of businesses in the vicinity. It includes multiple categories that range anywhere from local coffee shops to the nearest bank. Every listing has the option to show its location on a map, give you directions from where you are and gives you contact information. Although it is not directly a real estate iPhone app, it can definitely be helpful when looking at prospective homes. This iPhone app is free.


Dictionary of Real Estate Terms


Just as the name of this iPhone app says, the Dictionary of Real Estate Terms puts the meaning of over 3,000 real estate terms in the hands of iPhone users. It’s very comprehensive and convenient when you need to understand that real estate lingo. The app is very user-friendly with a good interface and. This dictionary is a simple app that gets the job done. This iPhone app is free.


RECalc- Real Estate Mortgage Loan Calculator


RECalc is a great tool that allows users to easily calculate monthly payments, terms, interest rates, or the amount needed with a loan. It also allows iPhone users to integrate other things such as homeowner’s insurance and property taxes into the equation, allowing for maximum efficiency and accuracy. It also works as a normal mathematical calculator, in case your iPhone doesn’t happen to have one of those already. This iPhone app allows anyone, whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned real estate agent, to be effective in managing their money. This iPhone app is currently $1.99.