Haunted houses abound in fiction. In films, a haunted house provides such terror to the occupants that they flee, usually in the middle of the night, never to return to a house once considered as a dream home. Movies such as The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist play on this theme. Moviegoers could be excused for thinking that a haunted house is a place of horror that display a constant, maddening series of events that eventually drive the owners crazy – or kill them. Such is, fortunately, rarely the case offscreen.

However, there are prospective homeowners who don’t mind sharing their new residence with a ghost. Some even seek out a haunted place to purchase.

A Real Haunted House

Owners of a truly haunted house can boast, with justification, that at their house, it’s Halloween all year long. Some houses simply have a “feeling” to them; some have poltergeist activity; some offer an actual apparition. The reasons can be numerous – a murder has taken place on the premises; someone died in the house under painful, yet natural, circumstances; the house is built on, or near, a cemetery; the house was the favorite residence of a now-deceased owner.

Whatever the reasons, the form of the hauntings varies, as stated above. This may be one of the draws for buyers. Another draw can be that haunted houses can be cheaper than other houses of the same type (not everyone wants to live with a supernatural roommate). Or, some may simply enjoy having a house with a distinct difference.


Some houses, known to be haunted, mention nothing of paranormal events. Some proudly state that the house is haunted by an entity. This varies from state to state, depending on the disclosure laws. Even when a house is not haunted, or rumored to be, a murder may have taken place in it; this can certainly have an effect on the marketability of the property.

For those who are actively seeking a haunted house to buy, this site offers listings (for buyers and sellers).

Another site lists not only haunted real estate, but haunted lodgings. (The list of haunted lodgings is far larger than the list of haunted real estate; only one haunted house for sale is listed.) San Diego Paranormal offers a service to connect potential buyers to sellers across the United States. The form includes such details as preferred state, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, price range, financing, and down payment – all very important to the still-living occupants.

For those who are looking for a house with its own atmosphere – and those who aren’t frightened by bumps in the night, cold drafts of air, footsteps, disembodied voices, or objects disappearing and reappearing, a house with a ghost may be the way to go.