Recent survey shows that New Zealand is the top most favorite place by real estate investors. Many people are attracted with the country’s natural geographical features and relatively peaceful ambiance. Such attributes give the New Zealand the feeling of security and safety, which what really attract real estate buyers all around the globe.

In the United States, there are also certain areas that offer sanctuary in times of crisis. For one, Fort Garland Retreat and San Juan Retreat in Colorado offer customized survival homes.

The houses built here are specifically designed to save energy and mostly to give protection against manmade and natural calamities. Asking price: $224,900 and up

The Caddo Lake Retreat and Hueco Village Retreat in Texas are another favorable survivalist real estate. The Caddo Lake is considered as the cleanest lake in the south. That is because there is no industrial waste dump in the lake.

The whole area is secluded, making it a viable place for security when a calamity occurs. Although the houses are built on this mountainous region, they are well equipped with all modern facilities. Asking price: $318,000 and up

Idaho also offers survivalist places like FernWood Home and Areas near Bear Lake. These places are known for their resistance to all kinds of manmade or natural disasters. Each plot is of 1,000 sq. ft. Boasting with excellent road system and utility buildings run by solar power, this place is among the top favorites of survivalist real estate investors. Asking price: $357,000 and up

Montana has six locations for survivalist real estate, which make this state as the most viable area for urban survival. These are Viola Moss, Libby Creak Retreat, Jim Kozlik, Remote Montana Land, Paradise Valley Montana Retreat, and Northwest Montana Retreat. Asking price: $99,000 – $478,000

Another state with most survivalist real estate locations is Washington. It has five nature-themed retreat properties: Ready-to-go Northwest Washington Retreat, 40 Acre Log Home Retreat, 20 Acres-Springdale, Sustainable Eco-Villa, and Liberty Lake Retreat.

In Sustainable Eco-Villa, the houses are built with custom concrete passive solar materials. This is purposely done in order to save energy and to cut the dependence on electricity. Asking price: $49,950 – $835,000