Digital Chocolate introduced the Millionaire City game in May 2010 and brought the online world a taste of real estate building. The game allows players to quickly become a millionaire but it is challenging enough to keep one interested.

In the game players create a city that is flourishing and race unlock new levels, which in turn unlock new houses, business, and decorations. All of these items enhance the game play.


Rental coins add up quickly if the player homes around the business, this way when the business is ready to pay out the surrounding homes will increase that payout.


There is no need to bug your friends about joining you in the game. If they already play, they are added to your game when you begin. It’s easy to get lost in this fame. I wish all the games on Facebook did this, as it would make playing all of the many games out here much better.


On the Millionaire City game, one can also make the game screen full size, so that t stretches over the entire monitor. This ways it’s easier to see what area is in need of routine work or expansion, without having to scroll all over.


It’s easy to collect rents as they come available on the small plot you are given . A player can click on all the homes and business that will fit in that area within a few minutes, but it maybe harder then the new plots of land are bought. Thank goodness, you can hire a rent collector.


The extra plots of land will costs you four million dollars in Millionaire City but once you out grow the starting plot you will have the money to purchase the adjacent plots easily. The money that can be made here is vast and come easily.


I think this game will be enjoyable to people of all ages. It’s simple enough for a child of 6-8 to learn how to place house quickly, and collect the rent. The cars will appeal to the younger kids as will the animations. Adults will enjoy the overall game experience of being a real estate tycoon on Millionaire City.