Chain-estate market research and development centers showed that 79.5% of real estate sales project give a discount in Beijing at present. The discount rate is generally between 95% and 99% .

The experts point out that the discount promotions is relatively common in the real estate sales. But the discount sales almost disappeared in “the bull market”last year. The discount range is expanded day by day, and the rate is being strengthened now. This indicates that the real estate market of Beijing has begun to enter the peak period of adjustment.


15.7 percent of the real estate project initiate small adjustment.


According to the sale experience ,98-99% discount is normal. Therefore, It is generally believed that 96-97% of discount is slightly reducing its profit margins, and It is for the developer to make changes in order to adapt to the market.


The survey data show that 96-97% of discount account for 15.7 percent of the survey project which is mainly in Chaoqin and Wangjing area apartment projects. For example , AZ Town, the Beijing Star River, the Beijing-Chung projects, these projects have very large price increases early stage of the project, but the large area and the high price result in sluggish sales. Chain-estate market research and development centers believes the developers have made some adjustments, but it is still small adjustments in the current market environment.


10% of the project give a below 95% discount.


The discount rate (below 95% )has been relatively large. It indicated the developers have a certain sales pressure, the return of funds intent is relatively clear. Survey data indicates the sales discount below 95% accounts for 13.2% of the total survey project in Beijing.


There are other means of promotional items accounted for 8.1%., such as sending property fee, or delivery vehicles, delivery of parking spaces. Experts point out that if this way is converted into cash , a number of projects has reached about 95% of discount, but most of these approaches is limited or only old customers can enjoy.


In addition, the data show that no discount items accounted for 20.5 percent which half are concentrated in the CBD, the Asian Games Village area. The individual items plan to raise the price, which is basically concentrated in the two regions.