All right, I’m a middle-aged mother, so I’m not supposed to enjoy playing video games. It was with great reluctance that I sat down in front of my daughter’s playstation, but I did promise to try out a game for her. Of course, she picked the Sims.

Now being a real estate agent, I couldn’t help but be caught up in the game where you get to design and decorate your own house. What a fascinating way to spend someone else’s budget money! Although I have to admit, I didn’t keep my eye on the price tag – was I supposed to? These 4 bachelors that were building a house, did they really care what I spent? Ahhh to be young again. No bachelor I ever met cared much about how much money went in one hand and out the other!

To get on with the game, I enjoyed building this picture perfect house. It was a little time consuming; actually quite a bit more than I had hoped it would be. But, all in all I built my little American dream home. I was disappointed to find out that the furniture I picked out didn’t actually fit into my house; I think there should be some sort of disclosure on the screen before you spend the little man’s money. I guess it doesn’t pay to be conservative in the Sim’s world.

After my house was built, I had to find out what happens next. There had to be a point to this game, I couldn’t possibly admit to anyone that I was enjoying it. The little men were able to move in now, first thing though; they felt the need to do a triple flip off of the high dive on the pool I installed. Ahhh, to be young again!

It’s amazing to me what kind of things these little men will do. They must not work, but instead they spend their time in the house doing things like “tickle” or “towel snaps” or maybe even “shaking their booty.” It was quite amusing, even for an old prude like me. It was a little odd to say the least though.

In total I spent a few good hours designing my home and playing with the little men’s booties. I enjoyed the game, and now am tempted to buy myself a copy only to be enjoyed in secrecy. I think I’ll stick to the designing; the little men can be enjoyed by the younger set.

I would have to recommend this game, and make it a requirement for all middle aged, women real estate agents. It is a fun and very addictive game. There are some downsides, but they are all right to deal with if you have some time to spare. I find it very time consuming to pick through the wide assortment of various things to buy, from wallpaper to coffee makers. Building the actual walls of the house can be somewhat confusing too if you’re not a master of the analog stick. I personally also find it somewhat difficult to stay in my budget, but that’s probably another story within itself!

For now though, I shall say “au revoir” to my little men and wish them well. I hope they enjoy the pool!