Staying on top of the latest Texas foreclosure news and market conditions can be a daunting task. Here are some ideas of some quality resources that will provide you with up to the minute news on Texas foreclosures.

Visit State-Sponsored Websites

There are several state sponsored websites that detail the latest news associated with foreclosures within the state of Texas. These websites provide people the latest information on legislative changes and other policies that effect the foreclosure process within the state.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs offers information on their foreclosure task force. This foreclosure task force releases news and other information for homeowners trying to stave off foreclosure and stay in their home. The Texas Attorney General is another quality resource for finding out news and information.

Read Local Newspapers

Another great resource when looking for Texas foreclosure news is to read newspapers found throughout the state. There are several newspapers that are popular including The Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle. Be sure to check out the “Business” or “Local” section of these newspapers. You can also check out the “Real Estate Section.”

Read Websites Dedicated to Texas News

In a world that is completely connected, another great resource for gaining info on the latest Texas foreclosure news, are websites that cover the news around the state. MyDallas is a quality resource, as is the website TexasOnline. Also, both of these websites cover the housing market in detail within the state of Texas.

Locate Realty Websites on Texas Foreclosure News

When it comes to investing in real estate, it is helpful to use real estate websites as a resource. Many real estate websites provide in depth information about the latest market trends in a given area. Both of the websites Trulia and Realty Trac are quality resources that provide, charts, graphs and hard figures about the latest foreclosure trends within the state of Texas.

Find Federal Resources that Cover News about Texas Foreclosures

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development is a fantastic resource for Texas foreclosure news. They detail a section on their website that provides local news. The site also contains information on local Housing and Urban Development offices, common questions and much more. Also, take the time to read the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development website to stay up to date on the latest federal statutes and changes that affect the local foreclosure market within the state of Texas.