All salespersons have dreams of glamor and money. They all want to be like the successful Broker who drives the Mercedes, wears the diamonds and dresses like a movie star. As you think about where you are in your life, you make a decision to further your career and open your own office

The basic salesperson makes between 55-70 percent in commissions. The salesperson must pay all of his expenses and still give the Broker a percentage. A salesperson or Agent must be a licensed Real Estate Agent for two years before they can be a Broker in most states.

The reason for this is to get as much hands on experience as possible. But after that time, they may open their own office. Obtaining a Broker’s license is fairly easy and you can go through a internet online course and take the study and then go to a state office for the final exam.

Allied Real Estate

After you pass the board exam, you will get your license in the mail. But during this time, you may look for a suitable office. A office in a good location, at the right price and with much available traffic. The cheapest office in the worse area is a waste of money.

Steps involved

So once you sign a short lease, have your sign put up and apply for your business license, you are set to begin. Never consider placing a sticker sign on the window. If you want a professional office, then look that way.

Go to the auctions and buy the best furniture that you can afford with beautiful accessories, such as pictures and vases. The Broker’s office should be in top condition, as it is the meeting place of many deals. Putting many desk in the office and setting up a phone system is your next step.

The phone company generally will install all the phone system for a free or minor cost as the monthy cost is expected to bring much revenue. A smart Broker in today’s times will charge the agent for the phone. The Broker sets up the basic installation and the agent is responsible for contacting the phone company and setting up their own phone.

So now you have the office, furniture, phones and signs. Your next investment will be in computers and office equipment. Always, buy good quality equipment as this will be used daily. There are many used computers that are top of the line, that can be place in the office. All computers need to be set up with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service.)

Smart Business Sense

Many Brokers begin their business on their own and intend to hire agents along the way. It is not necessary to have agents on role when you open. Setting up a business plan, offering discounts to regular clients and hosting welcoming parties are much more important in the beginning.

Letting people know who you are through many local newspaper advertisements, holding open house and of course having high quality signs. Never think about using paper signs as they are a sign of a Broker in trouble.

Many Brokers of independent offices, offer discounts in commissions and they ask for referrals in exchange. This is highly profitable in a world of many foreclosures and impending bankruptcies. Having experience in Short Sales and REO’s is desired. A well planned office and pleasant atmosphere will return much financial reward.