Turkey: Investing in Property

Turkey is quickly becoming a hot spot for quality real estate deals. With other currencies rising above the Turkish Lira, the region is seeing a lot of investments in property, especially from international clients. While there are definitely various properties in Turkey worth investing in, the challenge is finding the right property that offers complete value for the cost. If you want to ensure quality returns on your investment, you need to understand some basics before proceeding.

Lay Proper Groundwork

Before purchasing property in Turkey, it is important to do thorough research to discover information about the developers, and whether or not they are credible and trustworthy. Also look for the most lucrative regions of the country in terms of real estate. It is not wise to be hasty, as you risk losing your hard-earned cash reserves. Time spent researching critical details can save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Consider Various Factors

Look out for places in Turkey that are showing steady growth in infrastructure and have easy accessibility. These are two important factors that contribute to increase in property prices in the long run. Investing in property in such areas will quickly prove to be worthwhile. Purchase property in a region that has easy access to all amenities and essential services. Proximity to airports and primary railroad terminals are an added bonus.

Types of Property

You should ensure that you realize the reason you are choosing to buy property in Turkey. This will help you choose the right investment option. If you are looking for property that you intend to rent out to tourists and visitors, then look for the properties that come equipped with pools, and are located in the vicinity of major tourist attractions.

Beach resorts are good investment options if you intend to come to Turkey during summers for a little bit of sun. If you want to either rent out the property or leave it locked until your next visit, a good apartment in the city is a wise choice. For people who are looking for property that they can renovate and resell, investing in some traditional homes in Turkey will reap rich rewards. You can opt for large villas that come equipped with all amenities if you intend to set base in this country.

The Search Begins

With the groundwork in place, it is now time to embark on searching for the right property. It is not possible for everybody to go to Turkey and look for proper investment options. This is where Turkey’s online real estate marketplaces come into play. There are plenty of websites that have extensive lists of various properties on sale in Turkey. Take a look at the options and decide on the one you would like.

Pay A Visit to Turkey

Once you have chosen the property you would like to invest in, the next time to pay a visit. Do not pay any money upfront before you see the property! While most websites are credible, there are a few out to make a few quick bucks and disappear into the oblivion. Inform your online agent about your interest in their property and your impending visit.

Engage Legal Representation

By this point, you have reached Turkey and have taken a look at your property. You are happy that you made the right choice. Now what? From this point, the process gets slightly complex. You will need to engage the services of a good property lawyer who can assist you with the process of buying property in line with legal requirements. While some people prefer to go with the lawyer recommended by their agent, it is always better to opt for an independent legal representative. The lawyer will take a look at the legal paperwork for the property and stay with you until you get the title transferred to your name.

Irrespective of if you want to purchase villas in Turkey or any other type of property in Turkey, ensure you follow all these steps to safeguard your investment and make it worthwhile.